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Sanritsu acquired JIS Mark certification as a proof of trust and security as soon as possible, and as a welding rod holder, we have accumulated experience of customers' trust and safety as the only factory certified JIS standard in Japan. We will continue to strive to ensure that strict quality control is the only way to respond to customer trust.

According to Article 19, Article 20, etc. of the Industrial Standardization Act, a business operator (certified manufacturer etc.) certified by an organization registered in the country (registered certification body) was certified by the JIS mark display system Refers to a system that can display JIS mark on products or their packaging etc. By examining product testing and quality control system by sampling of products, the quality of individual products shipped from certified manufacturers etc Third party certification system to guarantee.
The JIS Mark indicates that the displayed product conforms to the applicable JIS, and its conformity is confirmed by certified manufacturers, etc. In addition to simplifying transactions, product compatibility, safety · We contribute greatly to ensuring peace of mind and public procurement.

Origin: Japan
Year of Partnership: Since 2014


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