The non-destructive high-voltage testing of coatings enables the detection of even smallest flaws. Due to the adjustable high-voltage ELMED ISOTEST units are indispensable assistants in passive corrosion protection. Over 50 years of experience makes it possible for us to find solutions to unusual situations.

In the field of non-destructive testing holiday detection / porosity testing by means of pulsed voltage offers a wide range of applications and advantages. In this respect, ISOTEST® holiday detector in different models has proven to be an "allrounder". It provides benefits like optimum quality, product durability, low repair costs and environmental protection.

Over 50 years of market experience and a continuous product development set standards. In choosing ISOTEST® you opt for QUALITY in the testing of field joint coatings (FJC), modern thin film coatings e.g. fusion bonded epoxy (FBE), under the harsh conditions on site world-wide, as in the in-plant inspection in pipe mills and coating plants.

Holiday Detector
Accurate measurement of high-voltages
Holiday Detector
A large number of accessories are available for a wide range of applications.
Holiday Detector
Microprocessor controlled test instrument

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